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Car Wrapping / Vinyl Wraps

Car wrapping from Infinity Signs turns your business vehicles into mobile billboards.

What exactly is car wrapping?

Put simply, car wrapping involves digitally printing your advertising onto a specific adhesive vinyl wrap which is then applied over the surfaces of your vehicles. It’s far superior to standard painting or airbrushing which cannot match the precision of the design and longevity of the wrapped vehicles original paint.

Car wrapping can include whatever you need, from simple text to full colour images, and is specially designed to create a strong visual impact every second your vehicles are on the road.

How is it done?

Vehicle wraps, whether it be on a standard car or bus or fleet wraps, consist of three phases.

  1. First is the design phase where accurate measurements are taken from the vehicle to be wrapped, and we design the graphics for the vinyl wrap.
  2. Next comes the production phase where the graphic is printed on to the special adhesive material, then treated to help protect the vinyl wrap from abrasions and UV rays which might otherwise cause the graphics to fade over time.
  3. Finally comes the installation where the vinyl wrap is applied to the vehicle. Normally on flat surfaces there should be no wrinkles or bubbles, and there are many techniques utilised by our expert vinyl wrappers to avoid these imperfections.

Check out the video below to see car wrapping in action.

How much of your vehicle can be wrapped?

Short answer – as much as you like. Anything less than a full wrap is normally called a ‘partial wrap’.

Half Partial Wrap

Normally includes the entire rear of the vehicle and half way up the body and also includes a hood logo.

Three-quarters Partial Wrap

Includes the entire rear, most of the body of the vehicle and also includes a hood logo.

Full Wrap

Includes the entire surface of the vehicle except the roof – roof wrapping is additional.

Will it damage the vehicles paint?

In normal cases car wrapping will not damage factory paint jobs. Car wrapping does not stick to rust, and if the vehicle has chipped paint the vinyl wrap may pull the chipping paint when it is removed.

In the case of leased vehicles, you should always obtain permission. The good thing is that most leased vehicles have factory paint jobs with excellent paint quality. This make it even easier to apply and remove without damage or ‘paint peel’.

Why should you go with car wrapping from Infinity Signs?

  • Car wrapping has been proven to have a lower Cost Per Impression (CPI) than other advertising types like billboards, television, radio and even the Yellow Pages.
  • The expert team at Infinity Signs stand by their work. If there are any issues at all you’ll get our full attention.
  • The vinyl wrap can be easily removed at a later date if need be, for the purpose of vehicle resale or to update your digital design.
  • Infinity Signs vinyl wraps are easy to see through too. ‘Window perf’ vinyl is perforated with tiny holes which allow you to see out similarly to a regular window tint while your graphics remain visible from the outside.
  • We can replace any damaged vinyl wrap panels in the case of an accident.
  • Infinity Signs will replace any defective panels at no charge for up to four years! Please ask us for full details on our warranty.
  • Finally, we are the only South Australian company which can offer a warranty on the installation of this international product by Avery Dennison, the industry standard for vinyl graphic design and vehicle wraps worldwide.

There is simply no better signwriter for car wrapping in Adelaide.

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Let us help raise your business profile or simply improve the look of your vehicle by designing and applying one of our precision vinyl wraps to your car, bus or fleet. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

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Car Wrapping in Action